Our custom fabricated laminate countertops are a great choice for your space. With a variety of colours and finishes available you are sure to find an option that can help you build the look you are after. Laminate is a durable, affordable, and low maintenance solution for your busy kitchen or bathroom.


More durable – less maintenance,  quartz countertops may be the perfect solution for your home. Made with natural stone and engineered using modern manufacturing techniques, it is comparable to granite and marble but is more durable.

Quartz boasts a high resistance to heat, chipping and other damage. Its gleaming finish and colours can be customized to your personal preference making it the most versatile countertop option. We offer the best possible selection of products from our trusted suppliers of quartz. Contact our highly trained professionals to see if quartz countertops are the option you need in your home.


Granite is the hardest and most durable countertop option – it is very hard as it is made from natural stone and polished to a fine finish. It has aesthetically pleasing colours and finishing options that can help you add a subtle accent or a standout statement in your home, there are many options available that are sure to please. Its natural stone quality makes it so that no two granite countertops are the same, custom cut and fit to your desired specifications. Come talk to us if you think that Granite is the right option for you!


We are committed to excellent customer service and we look forward to providing our clients with the latest in design products for the very best value. We appreciate your business & our service promise is to meet all of your sink and faucet needs.

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We are dedicated to manufacturing and installing the highest quality counter tops. Check out our suppliers of specialized countertop products including laminate, quartz, granite, sinks, accessories & more.

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